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Microsoft’s Growing Role in Hypervisor Technology and the Cloud

As one of the world’s largest software corporations, Microsoft has paved the way for companies worldwide to conduct business more efficiently. Its role in cloud computing – and in particular, in hypervisor technology used to create and run virtual machines – is becoming more prominent as companies build out private and public clouds. However, Microsoft


Exchange 2003 Support Ending

On April 8, Microsoft will no longer support Exchange 2003. The trusty decade-old email software is still used by more than 66 million people worldwide. With the impending deadline approaching many users will no doubt be asking, “Where do we go from here?” Exchange 2003 is from the pre-cloud era, and business technology has changed


Windows vs. Linux: Which Managed Server Is Right for You?

When it comes to maximizing the per­formance, value and scalability of their infrastructure, businesses want the best of both worlds. The features and benefits that they derive from their critical applications must outweigh the headaches of man­aging and running them. Enter managed hosting: A customized solution that works for a customer’s particular infrastructure and business


Is It Time for Your Small Business To Adopt a Dedicated Server for Hosting WordPress?

Small companies are increasingly seeing the competitive advantages that come with blogging. According to aggregated data from a ContentPlus infographic, blogs on company websites result in 55 percent more visitors, companies with blogs receive 97 percent more inbound links than others, and blogs are 63 percent more likely to influence purchase decisions than magazines. Because