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Why Faster Websites Make More Money

We’ve discussed several times on this blog the idea that webpage load time is becoming an indispensable quality of a good site, whether it be a desktop or mobile site component. The folks at WebpageFX, a full-service Internet marketing, web design, and web development agency, have put this message into a particularly compelling infographic, awash with


Email: Still King of Business Communication

While a range of avenues have cropped up in recent years that allow people to connect with one another in new ways, hosted email solutions are still considered the king of business communication. Hosted email is such a critical part of a company’s contact infrastructure, yet many continue to downplay its role, or leverage a new

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Top Strategies for Improving Your Company’s Web Presence

It’s no secret: An increasing number of customers are connecting with businesses via the web. Whether cruising a company’s website, mobile application or social media page, modern browsing and buying habits have made web presence crucial to a brand’s identity. If you’re among the holdouts to prioritizing your organization’s web presence, the lack of effective


8 Project Management Tools for Fulfilling Entrepreneurial Dreams

It’s the nature of an entrepreneur to have rich, innovative ideas and plans with the potential to be quite rewarding. Much of their success revolves around effective planning, organization and execution. But implementing such ideas and plans is never a smooth affair – many problems, issues, changes and risks can crop up, leaving the door open