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Five Reasons You Need a System Integrator

Change is always hard on a business, especially when it comes time to migrate from an old, familiar software product to a newer, advanced package. The success of a software migration project typically hinges on finding a System Integrator (SI) that can understand your business challenges and install the new software while keeping the company’s


Gaining a Competitive Edge with Magento Hosting

With online sales continuing to grow across all verticals, savvy business owners are moving to implement the highest quality e-commerce website solutions to give customers the easiest digital shopping experience. According to Forrester, U.S. retailers will see about $262 billion in online sales in 2013. That number is projected to rise to $370 billion by


Fansided Runs the Hybrid Option

Hybrid clouds are one of the fastest growing types of Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings in the market. They can provide a number of special benefits to companies with a specific set of characteristics. NFL blogging site, FanSided is a good example of the type of business for whom hybrid was a perfect match. As grew to

Football strategy

The Three Phases of Football and IT Security

There are three phases of football – offense, defense and special teams. All three are important, and a lack of focus on any one phase will hurt a team’s ability to win. With football season right around the corner, NFL franchises are working hard to build winning teams by taking a balanced approach and giving