Cloud Hosting Solutions from Hostway

There’s a lot of talk about the cloud today. Benefits like virtualization, scalability, elasticity and low capex are tempting businesses into making the move into a cloud hosting solution, along with improvements in cloud technology and security. Companies that once limited their cloud activities to dev/testing are embracing the cloud for an increasing number of mission-critical applications. Whether you’re just dipping your toes in the water or ready for a full-blown cloud hosting environment, Hostway offers a variety of cloud hosting options to suit your business needs.

Cloud Server Hosting

FlexCloud Servers are a public cloud environment that allows you full root access, ability to create and scale cloud instances, and usage-based billing, all on highly available servers. Ideal for businesses looking to migrate resource-intensive applications such as CRMs, high-traffic websites, or collaboration software to the cloud. At Hostway, all of our solutions come with 24/7 support at no additional cost.

From$139/mo or $0.21/hr

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Private Cloud Hosting

FlexCloud Private allows you to build a customized private cloud so you can take advantage of cloud infrastructure while keeping your data in a physically secure and isolated clustered environment. Ideal for applications that require advanced security or compliance such as e-commerce, databases, or back-office applications.

Pricing Varies

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Website Hosting

Our shared cloud web hosting plans, FlexCloud Sites, are all powered by the cloud. For a low monthly fee, you can enjoy the reliability and flexibility of the cloud for your website, managed through our portal. It’s the ideal solution for businesses that are just getting started online or have simple websites such as info sites, blogs, catalogue sites, and low-volume ecommerce sites.

From $12.95/mo ($10.79/mo if paid annually)

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Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Hybrid Clouds allow you to integrate multiple platforms – public cloud, private cloud, managed server, and on-premise servers – to combine the strengths of both physical and virtual environments for improved flexibility, scalability and security. Ideal for companies with compliance requirements, on-premise legacy applications, or database-intensive systems.

Pricing Varies

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What's the Difference Between Our Cloud Hosting Services?

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FlexCloud Servers vs. FlexCloud Private vs. FlexCloud Sites

Features Cloud Servers
FlexCloud Servers
Private Cloud
FlexCloud Private
Website Hosting
FlexCloud Sites
Highly Available Platform Yes Optional Yes
On-Demand Resource Scalability Yes Yes Yes
Utility-based Billing Option Yes    
Monthly Billing Option Yes Yes Yes
24 x 7 Technical Support Yes Yes Yes
Complete Control & Flexibility Yes Yes  
Dedicated IP(s) Yes Yes Optional
Manage & Control Disk Space Allocation Yes Yes  
Manage & Control Memory Allocation Yes Yes  
Full Root Access Yes Yes  
FTP Access Yes Yes Yes
Install 3rd Party Software Yes Yes  
Manage & Control CPU/Core Allocation Yes Yes  
Manage & Control OS Selection Yes Yes  
Shared Firewall Option Yes Yes  
Shared Load Balancer Option Optional Optional  
100% Network Uptime SLA Yes Yes Yes
One-hour Hardware Guarantee Yes Yes  
Connects to managed servers  Hybrid Hybrid   
Connects to on-premise environments  Hybrid Hybrid   

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