Complete Cloud Control to Manage and Resell

Hostway’s FlexCloud application programming interface (API) is the industry's first API for integrated customer and reseller management of Hyper-V private, public and hybrid clouds. It provides an easy-to-use, system-to-system interface for remote access and control of our FlexCloud Servers.

Hostway customers can use the API to automate server provisioning, auto-scale servers up and down based on set performance controls, and integrate their services on an enterprise-class cloud. 

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Key Benefits of Hostway's FlexCloud API:

No Lock-In

Non-proprietary, open API compatible with OpenStack functionality helps facilitate portability and eliminate vendor lock-in concerns.

Remote Access

Securely connects with any system regardless of device or location, including mobile devices such as the iPhone or Blackberry.

Complete Control

Seamlessly integrates with any third-party or custom application to link your system with our servers, allowing control over resources.


Enables you to easily build or offer cloud services on top of your own products and automate the provisioning process.

Higher Efficiency

Combines layers of management systems into one simple interface, reducing the amount of time dedicated to IT management.

User Defined

Provides you the option of interacting with senior engineers to provide feedback on API and direct product roadmap for future API releases.

Who Should Use the FlexCloud API?

Enterprises and SMBs:

  • Integrate FlexCloud Servers into your existing inventory management system
  • Automate the process of adding or removing servers from our cloud
  • Save money by scaling resources as needed


  • Bundle and resell your offerings with Hostway cloud services
  • Drive new revenue streams
  • Automate the server provisioning process
  • Automatically scale server inventory up or down based on demand

SaaS Providers:

  • Spin up additional resources as you attract new customers based on preset requirements
  • Eliminate the need for human interaction to provide the infrastructure resources

Available Function Calls:

  • Retrieve account summary in real-time
  • List flavor, image and server details
  • List used public and private IP addresses
  • Create or delete server
  • Reboot servers with soft or hard (power cycle) restart options
  • Scale servers up or down (resizing of server resources)

Creat New VM

Scale VM

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