Save In The Cloud

Cloud vs. Managed vs. Hybrid

Traditional managed hosting involves an environment where resources such as RAM, Disk Space and Bandwidth are fixed. If the popularity of your Web application increases, you'll need to upgrade the hardware on your managed server. FlexCloud Servers are different because resources can be upgraded and downgraded on the fly allowing you to optimize resource utilization.

FlexCloud Servers

Managed Hosting

Hybrid Hosting


Grow When You Need It

The elasticity and flexibility of the cloud allow you to add or remove computing power, memory, and hard drive space with the click of a button. Scale your IT resources up and down to adjust for traffic fluctuations.


Customize as You Grow

Upgrading a managed server is a manual process which allows for greater customizability. In addition, by customizing your server to fit your specifications you can ensure it offers the maximum performance and security needed by your business.


Completely Flexible

The flexibility of hybrid allows you to select the best platform for each application creating an optimized architecture. Hybrid allows scalable web applications to move to the cloud freeing up high-performance servers for intensive operations, such as databases.


Private Cloud Available

Typical cloud environments are “public” meaning resources are shared which can lead to the perception of a lack of security. Hostway’s Private Cloud offers virtual environments where you are given full control over the virtual machines running within your cloud to help meet security needs.


High Degree of Security

Since a managed server is a single-tenant environment the security options are greater. For industries that require stricter security protocols, such as PCI compliance for credit card processing, managed hosting may be better. Customer data is stored more securely in this environment. 


Security Linked In

Through the pairing of secure servers with cloud resources, it is possible to maintain protected data. In addition, sensitive data can be stored on the physical servers away from other information to assist with security and compliance concerns.


Pay for What You Use

Cloud environments charge for usage so you only pay for what you use. For businesses with traffic peaks and seasonal trends this model is cost-effective since you only pay when the resources are actually utilized.


Easy to Budget

Since managed servers are physical hardware, the costs are often fixed. This allows for easier budgeting and is good for businesses with steady traffic and predictable resource requirements.


Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid hosting provides cost savings for many businesses. If your managed server needs grow, you would have to purchase extra hardware. If you require more security than the cloud offers, your costs could skyrocket as you fill these gaps. Hybrid hosting provides efficient use of all resources to maximize your savings.

Deployment Time

Quick and Easy

With Hostway’s FlexCloud Servers, deploying a ready-to-use server is quick and easy. Simply select your specifications and in about 15 minutes your server is deployed, configured and ready for use.

Deployment Time

Thorough Provisioning

Hostway's Managed Hosting Servers allow for extensive customization which leads to slightly longer deployment windows. However, if your business has specific hardware requirements, the wait will be worth it.

Deployment Time

Worth the Wait

Hybrid environments require the most complex setup; however, Hostway works hard to ensure your hybrid environments are live and active within 48 hours. Some customizations can take slightly longer but the performance will be worth the wait.