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Cloud Hosting Providers Comparison

Cloud Server Instance Comparison

When it comes to researching public cloud server instances, making an apples-to-apples comparison across the various providers can be difficult, with every company highlighting different features and services. So we decided to take some of the guesswork out of it for you. We dug into the features behind the fluff for a variety of cloud providers and stacked our own cloud environment up against competitors like AWS and Rackspace to see how we fared in a side-by-side cloud hosting comparison.

Take a look at how much you’d pay at Amazon or Rackspace to get the same level of functionality and managed support – the answer may surprise you. If you’d like more information, chat with a sales rep now or call us at 866-467-8929.

* Configurations and prices are approximate as of 01/16/2013.

Provider Features Comparison

At Hostway, we offer more than just a cost-effective solution for your cloud needs. We also provide more features than the competitors and unparalleled managed support options. Plus you can connect your public cloud through Hostway with managed servers, private clouds, or on-premise environments to build the optimal environment. Take a look at other great features below in our cloud provider comparison table.

* $1 per additional GB of managed backup