FlexCloud Platform R2 has been redesigned for optimal performance with Microsoft System Center and Windows Server 2012 R2, and stands as the ideal solution for a variety of applications and workloads. System Center and Windows Server 2012 R2 show the value of a modern, flexible, scalable solution that is agile, resilient and built for the hybrid IT solutions of tomorrow. Below are some potential ways to use cloud services for your business. For more information, learn about the 8 best apps to move to the cloud.

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The Startup:

Startups can turn to Hostway to build a robust web presence and develop infrastructure to support the rapid growth they expect to achieve just around the corner. With FlexCloud Servers, turnkey cloud solutions are quick to implement and cost-effective with minimal upfront investment. Hostway handles the IT expertise that allows your in-depth, flexible web presence to stay up and running. Hostway’s 24/7/365 support helps you get things off the ground and nurtures you as you grow.

Once you’ve got your business going, you can easily add more virtual or physical servers to your configuration to take you to the next level in your IT lifecycle, provisioning new servers in as little as 15 minutes. Enhanced Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) support via Active Directory ensures that using the mobile devices you depend on has never been easier. With Hostway, you’ll never outgrow your service provider.

The Established SMB:

Our FlexCloud Servers are also ideal for SMBs experiencing more established growth patterns, especially those who are long-term Microsoft users in need of a product update and a more robust solution. Hostway supplies upgraded cloud infrastructure optimized to run the Microsoft programs that everyone already knows, either in current or prior versions. We’ll integrate your in-house or legacy systems while giving you a serious boost in productivity. Security and compliance come easy on FlexCloud Servers, as do database management and business continuity planning.

Still using Windows Server 2003? Let our experts put you on the path to upgrading to the most advanced Microsoft platform to date.

Our infrastructure specialists can customize a solution that gives you all the control and amenities you already know and trust – only faster. Rely on a Gold Certified Microsoft partner with the infrastructure and staff to support your growing business.

The Application-Maker:

For firms looking for always-available cloud hosting for the application they sell, Hostway offers the expertise and service that you’d expect from a veteran of the industry. Our cloud infrastructure is ideal for the availability, performance and security needs of modern web-based applications. Easily scale as your business grows, and save money on server resources by paying for only what you use. Our 100% uptime SLA is a crucial part of keeping your application users happy.

FlexCloud Servers Microsoft connection will resonate with many end-users. The minimal investment will allow companies to keep pouring their investments into their own products.

With robust support for Microsoft products and legacy 32-bit .NET applications, FlexCloud Servers enable seamless growth regardless of the software in use.

The COE (Chief of Everything):

For entrepreneurs running their own businesses, overseeing everything, time is a precious commodity. If technical knowledge isn’t the strongest suit in your hand, Hostway will guide you through acquiring the web presence, storage space and other resources needed to succeed. FlexCloud Servers are a great place to start for businesses in need of flexibility due to seasonal shifts and growth potential. Secure, anywhere access to data is easy, and Hostway’s marketing tools make it straightforward to get the word out.

Our consultants and support staff are well-versed in leading customers through the opening phases of what should become a fruitful journey into IT.

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