Why Hostway Cloud?

Compare Our Cloud to Industry Giants – You'll Have the Answer

When researching public cloud server options, finding an accurate apples-to-apples comparison of various providers can be difficult, with each company highlighting different features and services. We have researched the wide array of providers and feel confident that our cloud servers are the optimal choice.

At Hostway, a cost-effective solution is only part of the equation. With FlexCloud Servers, running on Windows Server 2012 R2, we set out to provide more features than the competitors and unparalleled managed support options. Connect your public cloud through Hostway with managed servers, private clouds, or on-premise environments for an optimal configuration.

When it comes to the following measures, Hostway performs in ways that most companies can’t match:

If you’d like more information on how our cloud servers compare to the rest, chat with a sales rep now or call us at 866-467-8929.