From outsourcing your email servers to running powerful apps, we've got the email solutions and applications you need to manage your online presence. These cloud-based solutions help organizations of all sizes reduce IT infrastructure costs and improve productivity. Hostway’s suite of products cover basic webmail configurations, advanced corporate email accounts, and business tools to help you communicate, collaborate and increase overall efficiency at rates you’ve never experienced before.


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Exchange 2010, POP/IMAP Solutions, and Collaboration Tools

Email and SharePoint collaboration thrive in the cloud. Our fully flexible managed email platform allows you to choose Microsoft® Exchange, Hostway OX App Suite, or both types of accounts.

  • Combine email, contacts, calendar, and document management.
  • Mobility and desktop synchronization on any computer.
  • World-class infrastructure delivers unlimited scalability and lower costs.

With Microsoft SharePoint, you can enjoy secure file sharing to allow easy team-editing for an overall increase in productivity.

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Marketing Application Tools

These marketing tools from Hostway make it easy for you to create and nurture your web presence. We’ll help you create a website, take it mobile and get started in social media. Plus you’ll be able to bring in new customers through search engines, local directories and email campaigns. Let us help you get found.

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