Professionally Branded Email Enhanced for Your Business

SiteMail is the perfect email system for on-the-go business owners who need quick, easy and customizable email. Your business will have a company-branded email address ( based on your domain. Convey a level of professionalism you just can’t achieve with free mail.

SiteMail Accounts offers a complete POP/IMAP email solution including feature rich web mail, a calendar and an address book. Our email plans come with a 100% uptime guarantee and are hosted in our industry-leading data center for business-class availability and security.

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Here are just a few of SiteMail's intuitive and easy-to-use features:

Superior Organization

Now you have no excuse for skipping meetings, losing phone numbers, or misplacing that important email.

  • Contact Management – Share personal and global address lists throughout your organization.
  • Calendar/Task List – Track, schedule and manage appointments across your personalized email accounts.
  • Folder Management – Keep your emails organized by project, type or sender with drag-and-drop functionality into custom folders.
  • Intuitive Interfaces – User-friendly and intuitive screens and functions make SiteMail a breeze to learn.

Secure Email Services

You can confidently send and receive secure email messages through an easy-to-use WebMail interface.

  • PGP Support/Encryption – Sign outgoing messages so recipients can quickly verify email authenticity.
  • SSL Certificate – Protect data during transmission so Internet criminals can't hijack sensitive messages.
  • CleanMail – Use multiple built-in detection types to identify and defend against spam and viruses.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

There’s no acceptable reason to let access to your email slow down your busy lifestyle.

  • Mobile Connection – Receive email via your cell phone, PDA or any other mobile device that supports WAP/XHTML protocol.
  • Desktop Sync – Use any email client, such as Microsoft Outlook, to sync email between your desktop and mobile devices.
  • Web Access – Log into your email from any Internet-powered device to utilize a full-featured, Web-based mail client.

Advanced Functionality

Basic email just isn’t enough anymore – choose a solution that provides the extra perks that will simplify your life.

  • GigaMail – Send and store attachments up to 1GB. Increase security with password protection and SSL encryption.
  • Hybrid Exchange – Mix and match different email platforms (POP/STMP/Exchange) on the same domain for a custom solution.
  • Complete Email View – Track all emails about a particular subject within one email thread without opening multiple windows.

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