With the complexity of today's IT environments and applications, we understand you may require a custom hosting solution. With the scalability of our high-capacity network, the flexibility of our infrastructure configurations, and the range of our performance and security features, you can have confidence that Hostway will be able to meet your requirements. Hostway specializes in providing customized hosting solutions for mission-critical initiatives, supporting a broad range of platforms and applications, all with a focus on superior uptime and performance.

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Separate Web and DB Servers

This solution includes a separate Web/applications server and database server for increased performance and reliability...

Load Balanced Web Servers

Increase reliability and performance with multiple Web/application and database servers...

Multiple Web/App and DB Servers

Enhance your solution with load balanced Web servers and IDS monitoring for traffic review...

Redundancy and Clustering

Remove all single points of failure and enhance the reliability of your solutions for maximum uptime...

Geographical Redundancy

Hostway can help provide disater recovery and/or geographical fail-over and load balancing for your hosted solution...

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