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Hybrid Hosting leverages the best features of multiple hosting platforms into a single optimized IT environment. By using multiple platforms, you can achieve the highest performance solution while gaining the most flexibility. Hybrid Hosting also allows you to maximize performance by utilizing the private connection between platforms to distribute your workloads to the optimal environment. Use our FlexLink private VLAN to connect cloud and managed environments within our data center, or privately link your on-premises servers to those hosted in our data center.

Our Microsoft-based solutions are powered by Windows Server 2012 R2, making Hostway’s cutting-edge Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings more robust, dependable and cost-efficient than the competition.

Hybrid Hosting leverages the best features of multiple deployment platforms and provides your business with ultimate scalability needed at peak times while ensuring you are prepared with disaster recovery and meet necessary security standards to keep your data safe.

Hybrid Hosting Example

Often, the best solution for your business spans across multiple platforms. Hybrid hosting unifies these platforms through FlexLink creating a complete solution.

Cloud Infrastructure

Advantages of our hybrid hosting platform:

  • Platform built on System Center and Windows Server 2012 R2
  • 1st Hyper-V Hybrid Cloud solution with seamless hypervisor portability
  • Maximum performance by distributing workloads to the optimal environment
  • Seamless integration across application tiers without costly modification
  • Automated, front-end scalability with immediate instance connectivity.
  • Provides complete control to create, manage, and update environments

What’s New in Platform 2012 R2? Click to see the improvement factors.

2000GB of Bandwidth Included Free with Every FlexCloud Server


Husein Kaba (CEO)

Microsolft Partner Gold Hosting

Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Hosting Partner of the Year

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