The evolution of the cloud marketplace requires IaaS providers to move their clouds out of a single datacenter.  Our customers, your applications and our shared success depend on access to reliable, scalable infrastructure with no single points of failure.

As a hosting provider, part of Hostway’s job is to make sure you always have access to secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure.  Our customers trust us with their mission-critical web and data assets, and utilize our services to deliver an always-on experience to their customers.  Our geographically dispersed network of enterprise-class cloud infrastructures allows our customers to achieve the highest levels of disaster recovery, business continuance and application availability on the market today!

Hostway offers cloud services in Tampa, FL, Austin, TX, and most recently The Canadian Cloud in Vancouver, B.C. Our coast-to-coast coverage of North America presents our customers with several advantages:

Ability to Choose

Ability to Choose: We understand that the location of cloud resources isn’t supposed to matter – but we also know our clients.  And our clients prefer knowing where their infrastructure resources are housed – we give customer the ability to choose which of our cloud datacenters their infrastructure will be placed in. Pick one, two or all three locations.

Redundancy options

Redundancy options: Localized natural disasters can cripple operations; Hostway has built datacenters to withstand most disasters.  But the truth is, a Tsunami off of Vancouver or a Class 5 hurricane bearing down on Tampa could potentially bring any datacenter down.  Hostway’s geographic diversity allows your data to be safely stored in multiple, distant locations for disaster recovery or backup purposes.

Reduced latency

Reduced latency: West Coast, Australian and East Asian organizations can now connect to The Canadian Cloud, bringing their servers closer to their native time zone and their customers. Central time zone customers can have the same in Austin, while Eastern customers can use the Tampa datacenter.


Compliance: Hostway’s datacenters have standardized compliance practices. But each datacenter may also offer additional value. For example, The Canadian Cloud allows Canadian businesses to store their information under the purview of Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) as opposed to the United States’ Patriot Act. This gives Canadian public entities required to store their data in Canada an opportunity to move to the cloud.

VM High Availability Included

VM High Availability Included: Hostway’s cloud offerings provide high availability at the virtual machine level.  This isn’t true for all providers and this also creates a fault-tolerant environment to provide the 100% uptime our customers demand.  Our multiple cloud datacenters allow customers to create an always-on environment across multiple datacenters.

Interested in adding a Canada-based cloud to your infrastructure? Contact a Hostway representative today to learn more about how to get started at 866-HOSTWAY or

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