When you choose Hostway as your Managed Magento Hosting provider, IT infrastructure problems are a thing of the past. In addition to 24/7 security monitoring and intrusion protection, Hostway customers also gain the expertise of dedicated Magento hosting and service specialists. Not only will you have access to hundreds of extensions and resources to increase your site’s functionality, our Magento Developer Partnerships are available to Hostway clients — so that you can focus on growing your business instead of wondering if your site will crash.


Reliability increases revenue

It doesn’t matter how great your site is if your users’ page load times out.

Handle Traffic Spikes with Cloud

Get redundant or leave revenue on the table

Add new products, update product detail pages, or re-merchandise your category pages without having to call in the cavalry.

Stay Open 24/7 (Even Holidays)

Always be ready to lure new customers

Update your site content and test your paid search. Learn more about your visitors so that you can increase your page rankings and draw new users.

Mobile Support and Optimization

Optimized for mobile devices

Increase your AOV by displaying products at critical intervals through the decision-making and checkout flow.

Hostway Grows With You From Start-up To Enterprise

Hostway allows Magento users to rest assured knowing that their e-commerce platform is running smoothly. Recent research indicates that underperforming websites cost companies an average of $117 million in annual revenue. Providing the end user an optimized, efficient site experience is vital to conversion and retention. By choosing Hostway and Magento for your e-commerce hosting solution, you’ll benefit from unmatched speed and reliability, fast and flexible deployments, and a support staff that can answer all of your questions.

Why Choose Magento for e-commerce?


It’s not just about the conversion rate anymore.

Handle Traffic Spikes with Cloud


Responsive web design is no longer a “nice-to-have.” Built-in mobile-friendly pages mean your customers won’t leave your site to shop with your competitor.

Stay Open 24/7 (Even Holidays)

Retarget customers and send abandoned cart emails

Remind your customers how much they want your products with targeted advertising. Send emails with items in the customer’s cart.

Mobile Support and Optimization


Native support for PayPal and other merchant services allows you to accept payments and ship products to both domestic or international customers.


24/7 SECURITY & Network Monitoring

Our breadth of managed security services give you the edge, so network security doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Through certified procedures, a comprehensive range of software and hardware security solutions, and strategic partnerships with industry leading security companies, Hostway’s managed network security services maximize uptime, protect mission-critical information, and mitigate business risk.

Stop Data Breaches Before They Even Happen

Hostway's network security experts add a solid layer of protection between your data and malicious attempts to access it. Our firewall solutions ensure the highest level of security by tracking and controlling the flow coming into your network using advanced monitoring of traffic streams.

Halt Network Attacks Dead in their Tracks

Hostway offers the industry’s only multi-tenant intrusion detection/prevention solution. This allows for the most cost-effective IDS/IPS solution in the industry with our managed security services.

Prepare for Compliance Audits

Hostway offers a wide range of security solutions to satisfy compliance standards and help ensure a smooth audit, allowing your staff to focus on your core business initiatives.


E-commerce that grows with your business

Scalability means that your business needs align with your website.

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Some of the leading E-commerce brands on the planet rely on Magento:


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