eCommerce Made Easy with Magento and Hostway

Hostway Services, Inc. has joined forces with Magento as a Silver Partner for hosting their eCommerce platform. This customizable enterprise-class foundation for online stores relies on having a top-flight hosting platform and Hostway will provide you with a Magento-optimized environment including the best hardware, support and security available. Whether you use Magento Community or Magento Enterprise, you will receive the highest levels of server performance and availability with Hostway's Magento hosting.

Fast, reliable Magento hosting

Unmatched Speed and Reliability

Customers with any size budget have access to enterprise-class technologies, like Dell Hexa Core, to create an always-on, cost-effective solution for their commerce platforms.

Flexible Magento hosting services

Deployments Fast, Flexible

Hostway's swift deployment times keep customers' businesses rolling along, and our hybrid cloud solutions give your company the perfect mix of flexibility and security.

PCI compliant Magento hosting

PCI Compliance Made Simple

Hostway and partner SilverSky have made it easy to abide by the rules of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard with their PCI Complete solution.

Magento certified partner

Always Here to Help

Hostway employs a staff of engineers and administrators specializing in Magento-optimized hosting deployments, available to address issues around the clock.

What is Magento?

The ultimate eCommerce solution, Magento's open-source platform gives merchants complete control over their site's look, content and functionality, as well as an abundance of advanced features.

Magento's intuitive catalog-management, search engine optimization and marketing tools enable users to build stores customized to their specifications, however large or small.

Why Magento?

Magento provides eCommerce clients with the sharpest tools in the industry. A smooth shopping interface serves to draw in business. The purchasing process is made painless, boosting your company's conversion rate and making return customers more likely. It's open-source, so you can make any modifications you need to yield the best possible product. A large community of Magento users gather on our forum to share knowledge, help out newcomers, and offer tips and tricks.

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