Stop Data Breaches Before They Happen

The cost of dealing with a data breach is soaring. But you can protect your business from the revenue loss, legal liability and network outages of server attacks by putting the right security measures in place before disaster strikes.

Hostway's managed firewall services add a solid layer of protection between your mission-critical information and malicious attempts to access it. Our firewall solutions ensure the highest level of security by tracking and controlling the flow of data coming into your network using stateful packet inspection of the traffic stream. Hostway's network security experts will manage the solution for you, making sure your firewall is properly set to protect your business assets.

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How Firewall Works

How Firewall Works

Shared vs Dedicated Firewall...What's the difference?

Shared and dedicated firewalls both have the options to block, allow, and restrict access to ports on the servers behind the firewalls. You can allow all IPs or a select list of IPs to access a port to lock your services down to a single group of people. However, each type of firewall has its own specific advantages.

All Hostway managed hosting customers are provided with a shared firewall. Shared firewalls host multiple users on a single firewall. They are redundant and do not require additional setup time. However, they only protect you from outside requests, not from hosts on the same subnet as your server which may leave you vulnerable to unauthorized access. Since multiple users are on the same firewall you can be affected if someone on the firewall gets attacked, resulting in downtime for all hosts on the firewall while the problem is being assessed.

Hostway also offers a variety of dedicated firewalls with advanced functionality. A dedicated firewall is specific to your hosting environment and is not shared by others. This allows it to handle a higher load if you need to push a large amount of data. Hostway’s dedicated firewalls protect servers from all sources of attack, even on the same subnet.  They guard your server against unauthorized access based on your specific requirements.   Our dedicated firewalls include 24/7 management and monitoring by expert security analysts to strengthen your first line of defense.

Dedicated Managed Firewall Capabilities:

  • Prevent unauthorized users from accessing your private hosted environment
  • Customized to your security criteria, ie.blocking access to certain ports
  • Restrict inbound traffic flow to a set of source IP addresses
  • Filter and examine both inbound and outbound traffic
  • Establish a firewall based point-to-point IPSec Virtual Private Network
  • Allow for mobile VPN clients
  • Control timeouts for the different types of Internal protocol connections
  • Include additional options such as a VPN or a DMZ available

Dedicated Managed Firewall Services Include:

  • Initial setup and configuration
  • Setting of rules and policies
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Configuration of VLAN and NATs
  • Firmware maintenance
  • User creation
  • Rule backup
  • Setup and configuration of high availability mode


Firewall Features Comparison

Features Managed Firewall ASA 5505 Base ASA 5505 Security Plus ASA 5510 Security Plus
Throughput 700 Mbps 150 Mbps 150 Mbps 300 Mbps
Site-to-site and remote access VPN user sessions 10 10 25 250
Concurrent connections 120,000 10,000 25,000 130,000
Application layer security Yes Yes Yes Yes
Layer 2 transparent firewalling Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes*
Stateless Active/Standby high-availability support Yes No Yes Yes
Connection tracking capability Yes Yes Yes Yes
Network address translation Yes Yes Yes Yes
DMZ Capabilities Yes No Yes Yes
High-Availability Yes No Yes Yes

* Available with technical justification


Web Application Firewall

Hostway also offers standalone web application firewalls. Web Application Firewall (WAF) service protects your Web-based applications from attack by monitoring input, output and access attempts, and blocking any malicious activity.  Call 1-888-874-1875 or email today to learn more.

Advanced Firewall Solution

If your security needs, extend beyond the scope of the firewalls listed above Hostway can provide an advanced dedicated firewall solution. Contact our sales team at 1-888-874-1875 or email for more information.

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