Protect Your Entire Network Infrastructure

Your IT infrastructure is complex so you need a managed security solution that monitors and protects all aspects 24x7 from undesirables.  Our security packages detect and eliminate internet threats, stopping unauthorized access and preventing internet attacks from taking down your network. You’ll be defended against both internal and external threats.

Hostway offers a comprehensive portfolio of security services, including dedicated appliances packages and compliance bundles, designed to help support your security strategy.

Hostway's managed security options include:

  • Dedicated appliance bundles including various combinations of intrusion detection and/or prevention, log management, file integrity monitoring and a web application firewall for Hostway customers needing to block attacks on their website, web applications or ecommerce.
  • BAE’s PCI Essential product features 3rd party auditor-approved services, policies and procedures to help merchants comply with the managed security sub-requirements defined in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
  • BAE’s HIPAA Essential product is a 3rd party audited and approved security service that combines expert personnel, proven tools and technology, and certified processes to help you address a sub-set of requirements for HIPAA/HITECH compliance.

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Dedicated Appliance Security Packages

Our dedicated appliance managed security services offer the ultimate in security performance. Below are some common packages but all of our solutions can be customized. Click on any of the individual features below to learn more. Call our security experts today at 1-866-467-8929 for a free security consultation or to build a custom package to meet your needs.

Dedicated Appliance MSS Firewall IDPS MSS Web Protection PCI / HIPAA Compliance (S)
Managed Firewall
High speed, actively managed firewall service compliant with regulations to serve as 1st line of defense
Yes   Yes Yes Yes
Managed IDS
Stop malicious traffic from entering the network and causing damage or downtime.
  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Managed IPS
Stop malicious traffic from entering the network and causing damage or downtime.
  Yes Yes Yes Yes
SSL VPN Remote Users
Outsource the hassle of VPN setup, management and operation with SSL and IPSec VPN options.
    1 user 5 users 4 users
Web Application Firewall
Ensure port 80 and 443 traffic is clean. Protects from SQL injection, XSS, etc. and is a PCI compliant solution.
      Yes Yes
Log Management
PCI compliant security log event management, retention, and analysis with proof of daily log reviews for compliancy.
        Yes - 8 devices
File Integrity Monitoring
Find changes to key files through regular checks to detect breaches/malware.
        Yes - 8 devices
Vulnerability Scanning (quarterly)
ASV, PCI compliant scans both internally and externally.
        Yes - 10 Int / 6 Ext IPs
Included Support Requests per month 4 No Limit No Limit No Limit No Limit
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