With the complexity of today's IT environments and applications, we understand you may require a custom hosting solution. With the scalability of our high-capacity network, the flexibility of our infrastructure configurations, and the range of our performance and security features, you can have confidence that Hostway will be able to meet your requirements. Hostway specializes in providing customized managed hosting solutions for mission-critical initiatives, supporting a broad range of platforms and applications, all with a focus on superior uptime and performance. Below are just a few examples of customized hosting environments Hostway can create for you.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Uptime, application performance, security and scalability are the foundation for any SaaS application. Hostway's technical expertise allows SaaS providers to rapidly grow without sacrificing performance and be cost-effective.


Ensure your websites and applications are always up by keeping a redundant infrastructure. Hostway can help you architect a tailored environment that allows for both security and availability of data.


Having an online storefront means you need to be open for business 24/7. While doing so sounds easier said than done, Hostway can make it happen with a compliant and scalable architecture.


Industry, government, and/or regulatory technology requirements can be difficult to obtain and maintain.  Hostway's security and compliance solutions are amongst the industry's best so you can be completely prepared for any type of audit.

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