Feature Details & Benefits

Features Functions Benefits
Database Provisioning Tasks
  • Create Instance
  • Create Database
  • Delete Database
  • Previously required expert DBA
  • Eliminate mis-configured databases
Database Patching & Upgrade Tasks
  • Service Packs
  • Cumulative Updates
  • Hotfix Patches
  • Patch all databases at the same time with one click
  • Keep data secure
Database Maintenance & Health Tasks
  • Consistency Check
  • Space Maintenance
  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve efficiency
Database Backup & Restore
  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Copy
  • Snapshot before making disruptive changes
  • Work on copy of data rather than live data
  • Recover data in the event of
User Account Maintenance Tasks
  • Create Account
  • Reset Password
  • Delete Account
  • Save time by granting/revoking/resetting logins without logging into the windows server

Key Highlights of NetDBAs:

SQL Server Deployments

  • Install and Configure SQL Server (Enterprise Standard and Workgroup Editions)
  • Discover and Manage existing SQL Server Deployments (2005 and 2008 Enterprise, Standard and Workgroup)
  • Create new SQL Server Databases
  • Delete SQL Server Databases

Database Maintenance

  • Backup Databases
  • Restore Databases from Backup
  • Perform Data Consistency Checks
  • Patch SQL Server (Hotfixes and Cumulative Updates)

Database Administration Tasks

  • Copy SQL Server Databases
  • Upgrade SQL Server Databases
  • Create or Delete SQL Server Accounts
  • Manage SQL Server Accounts

Incident Resolution

  • Cleanup Database Instance Space
  • Cleanup Database History and Backups

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