30  Day Free TrialManaging enterprise databases is one of the most critical and costly challenges today's corporate IT organizations have to face. Qualified database administration professionals (DBAs) are expensive and difficult to find. The skills they must possess are numerous and highly technical to enable them to support one of the company's most mission critical applications. Many organizations find it difficult to budget for one or more full time DBAs, and often critical management and administrative tasks are neglected or performed ad hoc by junior personnel.

NetDBAs is a unique new automation platform that frees your DBA resources to focus on the most valuable and demanding activities, by simplifying and automating routine, time consuming tasks such as installing new databases, administering users, applying patches, and managing backups. Hostway has taken high end, enterprise class automation technology; simplified it and made it available cost effectively to any business through the “cloud”.  A simple, intuitive web interface turns complex workflows into point-and-click operations that can be performed by any member of the IT organization.

Approximately 85% of a typical DBA's time is spent on routine, repetitive tasks. As a qualified database professional in the United States may cost an employer $150,000 per year in salary and benefits, each DBA is costing the typical corporation $127,500 per year for routin tasks!

In an effort to reduce the cost of database management many companies resort to out-sourced, or off-shore resources. However, these third party personnel arrangements have a number of drawbacks. Turnover means the specific contractors working on your database may fluctuate, resulting in learning costs, inconsistent management, and potential errors. Security concerns must be addressed, particularly with sensitive data accessed by foreign support centers. There is overhead in managing these resources, and even though less expensive the expertise does not come cheap. An off-shore DBA FTE may still cost the corporation $45,900 PER YEAR PER DBA FOR ROUTINE TASKS.

NetDBAs is unique in that it can be accessed by any business, anywhere from the Hostway cloud. Database servers may be located in one of our global commercial data centers, on-site in your corporate offices, or in any third party data center. A simple client is downloaded to your server and securely accesses the NetDBAs software as a service in the cloud. NetDBAs currently provides full support for Microsoft SQL Server (all editions) and will soon automate workflows for other popular platforms.

Prices starting at $375/monthly per database instance.

Take advantage of NetDBAs automated database administration services for your mission critical MS SQL Servers today. Call 1-888-874-1875 or email .

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