Powered by the very latest in network hardware, Hostway's Network Services leverage a global footprint and extensive industry relationships to provide the very best services for online business.

Hostway deploys a set of proprietary systems that provide Traffic Engineering and Denial of Service Mitigation. This helps guarantee that the available bandwidth is being utilized for delivering customer services to their targeted users. The network architecture in each data center is designed to eliminate any single point of failure across any segment shared by our customers and eliminate any critical paths within customers' dedicated environment.

To provide the best quality of IP transit in the industry, we use multiple providers, including Level 3 to deliver a redundant and rapid pathway between our customer's servers and their end users.  In addition to private transit, we peer in several major markets with other providers in order to reduce latency and the problems associated with Long Fat Networks (LFN).

Our data centers are designed with the highest level availability as our core goal.  In addition to high availability power and cooling, we have diverse metro paths and entry points for our carriers.  This helps eliminate a service outage due to a severed cable in the street. Our team of expert engineers and programmers help identify ways to provide our customers with the most efficient and stable network architecture available.

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