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How to Target a Local Audience Online

Issue 74 / December 2007 The Internet is no longer just the realm of big-money national advertisers. As it grows in size, people are turning to the Web for information about local businesses.

Write Search Engine Optimized Web Pages

Issue 73 / November 2007 Last month we talked about ways to boost holiday sales on your website. This month, you'll find simple things you can do to optimize your website for search engines.

Boost Your Holiday Sales

Issue 72 / October 2007 Fall is here, and the holidays are just around the corner. Retail stores across the country are beginning to roll out the winter holiday decorations and implement plans for the big shopping rush.

Increase PPC Conversions

Issue 71 / September 2007 As summer draws to a close and business returns in full force, it's a great time to focus on driving more traffic to your website.

How to Prepare a Business Recovery Plan

Issue 70 / August 2007 Would your business survive a natural disaster, power failure, supply interruption or other emergencies?

Turn Your Part-Time Business into a Full-Time Job

Issue 69 / July 2007 If you've ever dreamed of quitting your day job to devote yourself full-time to your budding ecommerce business, this newsletter is for you.

Build a Permission-Based Email List the Easy Way

Issue 68 / June 2007 Keep your cash register ringing all summer long with a targeted, direct email marketing campaign.

Increase Sales with Product Reviews and Ratings

Issue 67 / May 2007 eBay has them. Amazon.com has them. Expedia and Orbitz have them.

Starting an Online Business

Issue 66 / April 2007 It's spring - a time of new beginnings and new businesses.

Protect Your Business from Phishing Scams

Issue 65 / March 2007 A new online scam targets Web hosting customers with emails that appear to be from their Web host asking them to upload a file to "secure" their websites.

Time-Saving Tips for Telecommuters

Issue 64 / February 2007 Whether you're out forging alliances, selling or telecommuting, you keep one finger on the pulse of your business.

Does Your Online Marketing Pay?

Issue 63 / January 2007 Make a new start in 2007—time to toss the ineffective marketing campaigns and double up on ones that really sell.

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