Technology On Call:
Upgrading and Migrating with Ease and Profits

Industry: Reseller Partner
Solution: Migration
November 24, 2015 — Technology On Call, a Connecticut-based service provider that works with small and medium-sized companies as well as home businesses, recently dealt with challenges related to an IT migration. In addition, the organization was looking to expand its service portfolio and boost its customer support.

Connecting the Dots:
Bringing Cable ONE Business' Salespeople Close to Their Customers

Industry: Telco, Global Partner
Solution: Web Presence
May 11, 2015 — Hostway recently helped telecommunications giant Cable ONE enhance its sales and marketing efforts with a sequence of personalized websites geared toward prospective clients.

Making Great Stuff Happen:
How Cynch's Trust in Hostway Yielded a New Magento Footprint

Industry: Retail, E-Commerce
Solution: Infrastructure, E-Commerce
October 6, 2014 — Cynch customer Great Stuff solved its performance issues by following Cynch's recommendation to move its Magento deployment to Hostway. The resulting custom-optimized e-commerce footprint with role-specific servers moves twice as fast, at a reduced cost.

Disaster Recovery:
Doing It Right With Hostway

Industry: Property Management
Solution: Disaster Recovery, Cloud
First Winthrop, a property management and real estate organization, employed Hostway to move from an antiquated, poorly located disaster recovery solution to a modern DR implementation.

Don't Worry, Trust Hostway

Industry: Marketing
Solution: Disaster Recovery, Database
ConvergeDirect, a marketing firm that provides a wide variety of advertising services, entrusts Hostway with maintaining and updating their overall infrastructure, adding a disaster recovery solution to ensure their databases are always available.

An Entourage of Experts:
How TheBlaze Benefits From Hostway's Know-how and Partner Proficiency

Industry: Media
Solution: Web Presence, Infrastructure Flexibility, Optimization
TheBlaze had been a Hostway cloud customer for more than a year when TheBlaze chose a new home for its Magento-based e-commerce Marketplace and the high-volume, flash traffic that it draws. Hostway’s proven stability earned the expanded footprint of TheBlaze.

Shared Successes:
How Hostway Helps GoalShare Set New Personal Records

Industry: Social Networking
Solution: Web Presence, Infrastructure Flexibility
GoalShare provides a platform for individuals to share their goals, holding themselves and each other accountable for success. Hostway provides the hosting expertise to respond to accelerating usage and avoid downtime, strong service and account management, and a 100% uptime guarantee.

It Sells Itself:
How Hostway's Infrastructure Became the Ideal Home for a Magento Solution

Industry: E-commerce, SaaS
Solution: Partner, E-commerce
Software developer Databerry uses Hostway's elite infrastructure and networking to run their systems. They funnel their customers to Hostway, which in this case hosts a Magento solution. The thriving partnership benefits both companies.

Growing Hand in Hand:
Hostway Supports SaaS Provider ShopVisible’s Exponential Growth

Industry: E-commerce, SaaS
Solution: E-commerce, Compliance
ShopVisible’s growing customer base necessitated a robust, scalable hosting solution. Hostway provided a reliable, customized, PCI-compliant infrastructure, while also offering a service relationship that far exceeded ShopVisible’s expectations.

A Positive Cycle:
Partnership Breeds Partnership For Hostway, Stink Grenade Studios

Industry: Technology, consulting
Solution: Partner, E-commerce
Stink Grenade Studios sought a Magento-optimized solution for its client Project Blitz on an emergency basis. Hostway’s service has been such a positive experience that SGS is embarking on a referral partnership with Hostway.

From Cottage Industry to Market Leader:
Hostway Helps QWASI Take Its Solution Worldwide

Industry: Technology, marketing
Solution: Infrastructure Scalability, Security, Database, Partner
QWASI had an idea, a plan and an audience for its premium mobile and social marketing services – it just needed an infrastructure that could keep up with it. Find out how this fast-growth SMB selected the technology behind their technology and became a preferred provider for a few very large enterprise clients.

The Need for Speed:
CLOUDVDI’s Virtual Desktops Find the Fast Lane with Hostway’s Colocation Help

Industry: Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
Solution: Network & Infrastructure
When CloudVDI was ready to launch their Desktop as a Service application, they needed a hosting provider with a fast, reliable network that could handle the resource-intensive files their customers would be accessing and updating from their mobile devices.

Opening Doors: Hostway Helps Cloudkey Reach a Larger Audience

Industry: Technology, Consulting
Solution: CRM Infrastructure
Cloudkey developed a customer relationship management solution (CRM) on colocated servers for a single client in 2008. As they gained more customers and the company grew, their infrastructure could not scale with the growth. Needing to make its hosted infrastructure customizable at the customer level and accessible online, Cloudkey looked to move to a cloud hosting provider that met a series of requirements, specific to their needs.

Running a Better Option: How Hostway Helped Sports Blog Network FanSided Handle NFL-Season Traffic with a Hybrid Hosting Platform

Industry: Social, Sports
Solution: Web Presence, Network / Storage
When the FanSided Network ( grew from a small, regional sports blog to a national sports blogging network, their sites began to experience slowdowns and frequent crashes. Recognizing the damage this could cause to their brand, they began to seek a hosting partner that could offer the expertise of a larger provider while also providing the responsive support of a smaller company.

Scalability, Reliability and Savings: Why BidAbode Left Their Old Hybrid Hosting Provider for Hostway

Industry: Online Real Estate
Solution: Web Presence, Auction Infrastructure
When BidAbode began preparing to launch their site, they signed up for hybrid cloud hosting with a major hosting provider. But even in development, it soon became clear that they were paying for expensive infrastructure they didn’t need.

ACH Federal: An Electronic Payment Processor's Experience

Industry: Financial
Solution: CRM Infrastructure
When ACH Federal needed a CRM solution, they decided hosting the software in the cloud would be the most cost-effective solution.

Other Images Case Study

Industry: Ecommerce, Photography
Solution: Storage Management
Originally, Other Images simply required a small volume of image banks housed within a single server. But when they begin to grow rapidly, their needs quickly expanded. Case Study

Industry: Ecommerce, Entertainment
Solution: Web Presence
clubZone needed a tailored hosting plan and pricing structure that would accommodate their fluctuating traffic.

SaaS Success Story: RamSoft

Industry: Healthcare IT
Solution: Web Presence, Storage
When RamSoft decided to offer healthcare SaaS to better meet the needs of its small business clients, it needed a reliable infrastructure hosting provider.

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Hosting Provider Plans to Expand Cloud Business by 80 Percent Using Software Upgrade

Industry: Technology, Hosting
Solution: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
Hostway upgraded to Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system and Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 to provide cost-effective network virtualization, simpler private cloud management tools, and disaster recovery capabilities to their growing cloud base.

Hosting Provider Saves $100,000, Increases Reliability with Cloud Management Solution

Industry: Technology, Hosting
Solution: Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012
Before Hostway could expand its cloud business, it needed a more comprehensive management environment that would simplify its staff's workload and enable it to add new services.

Outbound Spam Protection: A Commtouch Case Study

Industry: Technology, Hosting
Solution: Commtouch Security
Hostway needed a solution to recover compromised accounts, block spammers, and prevent their IP addresses from being blacklisted.

Microsoft Virtualization: Datacenter to Desktop

Industry: Technology, Hosting
Solution: Windows Server® 2008 R2 Datacenter with HyperV™ and Microsoft® System Center data center
When Hostway's enterprise customers began asking for dedicated, isolated virtual servers and higher-availability services at lower costs, Hostway needed a new virtualization software.

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