Free templates to jump-start your company's SharePoint portal design.

Making your SharePoint portal uniquely yours is free and easy.

A wide array of professionally designed application templates is available to facilitate fast and easy implementation of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 services across your organization. Site templates are available for selection when creating a new site in SharePoint. These templates contain lists, libraries, pages, and other elements or features to support the needs of your organization. When you create a new site from a template, you can start using the site right away, or customize the site so that it meets the unique needs or your team, your event, or your larger organization. Previews of these templates are available on the Microsoft site.

SharePoint Templates:

  • Team Site – organize, author and share information for your team or project
  • Blog Site – post ideas, observations, and expertise in a quick and convenient manner
  • Document Workspace – share and manage documents collaboratively
  • Basic Meeting Workspace – plan, organize and document a meeting
  • Decision Meeting Workspace – keep your team focused on the outcome of a meeting
  • Social Meeting Workspace – use for social occasions such as team party or charity event
  • Blank Meeting Workspace – build a custom meeting site with only the information you need
  • Multipage Meeting Workspace – use for recurring meetings or complex meetings such as conferences
  • Group Work Site – create, organize and share information across a group or department
  • Blank Site – build a custom site with only the items you need

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