Specially Enhanced for Business Users

Sitemail is the perfect email system for busy on-the-go business owners because it makes managing your email accounts quick, easy and customizable.

Just a few of Sitemail's intuitive and easy-to-use features include:


Calendar/Task List

Now you don't have any excuse for skipping meetings! Sitemail's fully featured Calendar and Task List organizer gives you the power to accurately manage your time and seamlessly track and schedule appointments across your personalized domain-specific email accounts.


Complete Email View

Instantly track all email messages about a particular subject. Sitemail gives you the ability to see all emails within one email thread, without opening multiple windows.


Easy Interfaces

Ease-of-use is key when it comes to learning new applications. If using it isn't second nature, you won't. Sitemail's user-friendly and intuitive screens and functions make it a piece of cake to learn and use.


Folder Management

Keeping emails organized by project, type or sender just got easier. Sitemail gives you the option of simply right-clicking your mouse to quickly add or delete mailbox sub-folders. Effortlessly categorize and manage folders, create sub-folders, and drop and drag messages.


PGP Support/Encryption

Confidently send and receive secure email messages through an easy-to-use WebMail interface that gives you the ability to sign outgoing messages, so that recipients can quickly verify email authenticity.


Everywhere Access

Perfect for your busy lifestyle, Sitemail lets you receive email via your cell phone, PDA or any other mobile device that supports WAP/XHTML protocol.

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