Small Business Websites

You've got a business and you want to get online but you aren’t quite sure where to go next. 
Here’s a checklist to help you figure out what you need:

Register Your Domain

What is it?

A domain name is your business's web address (ours is
Everyone needs one. Registering your domain is the first step to building a website. See if yours is available by searching above.

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How Can We Help?

Need help finding or transferring a domain? Call us at 855.235.7113 .

Select Your Web Hosting Plan

What is it?

Web hosting is the technology that stores your website and allows you to make it available via the Internet for others to see. Depending on your technical experience, Hostway offers a variety of hosting plans to fit your needs.

Are you a technical person?

No, I am not technical and want to get online as quickly and easily as possible. Intuitive tools to build and grow my online business are important to me.

Check Out Our Website Starter

Yes, I am technical and want to have more control over the back end of my site and my hosting. Platform and features are important to me.

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Build Your Website

What is it?

Your website is the actual face of your online business. This is what visitors see when they type in your domain name. Whether you've never created a website before or you're a professional coder/designer, we have an intuitive, easy to use Website Builder included with every web hosting plan. Plus, you can add a mobile site and social media pages synced with your website.

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Drive Traffic to Your Site

How will you communicate with customers and prospects?

Hostway offers applications and tools to help you easily market your website and services to customers and prospects.

  • Email marketing – Create, send and track newsletters and other promotional emails.
  • Social media – In addition to linking your site to social media, create a branded Facebook page to build deeper relationships with your customers.
  • Search – Submit your site to all the major search engines.
  • Mobile – Create a mobile-friendly version of your site for customers on the go.
  • Local – Get your online business profile listed in all major local directories.

Add E-Commerce

What is it?

E-commerce means that customers can buy directly from your site – just like you can from ours.

Do you want customers to make purchases on your site?

Yes, customers will purchase directly through my site.

See our Ecommerce Tools

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