Optimize Your IT with Windows Server 2012

As the most advanced Microsoft Operating System on the market, Windows Server 2012 offers significant advancements from WS 2008 and also surpasses many of the features available in VMware. With Windows Server 2012, SMBs can now more easily afford a high-performance, high-availability cloud environment without having to purchase expensive shared storage (SAN) equipment. IT pros and developers can test their existing and new applications, develop new cloud-optimized web applications and connect private and public clouds. SMBs utilizing dedicated or managed infrastructure will appreciate the large increases in physical memory and logical processes. Whether you’re operating in the cloud or on dedicated hardware, WS 2012 will provide the performance and cost savings your business is looking for. And if you're not ready for Windows Server 2012, Hostway also offers Windows Server 2008 R2.

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Key Areas Where Windows Server 2012 Can Help

Network Virtualization

The Hyper-V Replica functionality of Windows Server 2012 allows migration and placement of virtualized workloads, including from your on-premise environment to Hostway’s cloud, without worrying about underlying physical network topology. You get an infrastructure that responds immediately to your changing environment, making the cloud an extension of your datacenter.


Remotely manage all of your servers much more efficiently. With a multi-machine management experience, you get a cohesive view of your servers and roles, all glanceable and actionable. Plus the Powershell scripting environment allows you to more easily automate common tasks across servers, networks and storage even if you’re not a Powershell expert. Great tools enable you to better troubleshoot and automate workflows.

Applications & Websites

Windows Server 2012 has multiple features that provide mission-critical application success, increased website density and efficiency, scalability and elasticity for multitenant-enabled applications and enhanced support for open standards, open-source applications, and various development languages.


Windows Server 2012 redefines capacity through a new feature that allows the virtualization of storage on low-cost devices allowing you to provision storage as you need it. This creates a highly available, easy-to-manage storage solution that has all the power and flexibility of a SAN, but for a much more attractive price point. If a cloud component fails, there is no blackout period, no service interruption and no data loss.

Benefits of Windows Server 2012

Product Overview

Development friendly.

  • Prominent tools, like TFS and Visual Studio
  • Open platform, with open-source software support
  • Supports .NET, PHP, Node.js, and Python

Manage private clouds more efficiently

  • More efficient automation
  • More flexibility
  • Easier consolidation

Link private cloud with public cloud services.

  • More efficient multi-tenancy
  • Use of public clouds to extend the datacenter
  • Easier communication between private and public clouds

Connect users more easily to IT resources.

  • Better availability of all assets to all users
  • More complete user access to clouds

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