Our communications applications – email, calendars, social networks, file sharing, tasks – were meant to make life easier, allowing us to work on whatever device was available – PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. But sometimes we’re left navigating a mountain of clutter across all these devices. OX App Suite brings everything together.


Top Features of OX App Suite

OX App Suite is a feature-rich centralized email and collaboration solution. Usability, affordability, accessibility and peace of mind are central principles in OX App Suite’s design.

Consolidate Your Work & Personal “Lives”

Consolidate Your Work & Personal “Lives”

Lost control of your portfolio of profiles and addresses? Unite your email, contacts, calendars, social networks, files and tasks into one user-friendly dashboard on OX App Suite.

  • Intuitive, fully customizable centralized dashboard
  • Unified inbox for all your email accounts (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.)
  • Easily integrate your social media accounts and RSS Feeds
  • Send links to attachments instead of large file attachments
  • Use “Halo View” for an all-encompassing look at a contact’s information
Collaboration Like Never Before

Collaboration Like Never Before

Share calendars, attachments, contacts and files efficiently with your colleagues. Tracking, editing, and reviewing – everything becomes collaborative, with anyone around the world.

  • Share calendars, attach files to events and meetings
  • Use team calendars to schedule joint tasks or plan group sessions
  • Share files of all kinds – documents, pictures, music and more
  • Use permission management to stay in control of what calendar entires, emails, or files you are sharing with others
Access Data from Anywhere on Any Device

Access Email, Data and Files from Anywhere on Any Device

Our secure data centers allow you to view your data and email from any location, at any time, on any device.

  • Use your PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet or netbook to run OX App Suite
  • Automatically get the best view based on the device’s viewing screen thanks to responsive design
  • Never lose data due to power or signal interruption
  • Use any operating system – runs on Microsoft, Apple or Android
  • Android and iOS users can take advantage of Active Sync, which automatically syncs all emails, calendar events and contacts between your device and OX App Suite
  • All backups and data reside in our secure North American data centers
Cost-Effective - Who Doesn’t Like That?

Cost-Effective - Who Doesn’t Like That?

Keep your capital to grow your company – your communication platform shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. OX App Suite’s pricing allows you to buy only the services that you require.

  • Feature-rich packages at great prices
  • Tiers of users ensure you pay for only what each one needs
  • Packages start at just $0.99 per mailbox per month
  • Highest-level package integrates features you would have to buy separately elsewhere

OX App Suite Plan Details

OX Mail

OX Mail*

Professional email for individual users - A web based digital communication platform with access to your accounts, secure cloud storage, and spam protection.

  • POP/IMAP/Webmail
  • Customizable User Dashboard
  • Calendar/Contacts
  • Unified Inbox allows you to integrate your
    other email accounts
  • Storage per Mailbox - 2GB

$0.99 per mailbox per month

OX Collaborate

OX Collaborate

A centralized, feature-rich email and collaboration solution for small to medium-sized businesses that includes everything from OX mail plus project management tools, active sync, and anywhere access to calendars, contacts and documents.

  • Shared Contacts & Calendars & Tasks
  • Sync your email, contacts, calendars across devices
  • Online File Storage & Collaboration
  • Storage per Mailbox-10GB
  • Drive Storage per Domain 25GB

$3.99 per mailbox per month

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*Included in all Web Hosting Plans

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